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Today Babette got her first litter with Bellamy. It is 2 probably OLH n 03 and they look adorable. If you are intressted in a kitten send me a e-mail. Pics will come


2009-03-10 got Rosa 6 kittens. Unfortunately 2 of them died in just a few days. So now we only have 4 kittens but they are very strong. It is 2 black spotted tabby OLH females, 1 blue tabby point BAL male and 1 black OLH boy.

Pics of the last kitten will come soon.


2009-04-17 Today they are 5½ week at the pics. Names will come but I think that it will be something from Disney at P.

The Black OLH Boy. This is S*Jijumas Peter Pan OLH n and he lives now in the cattery af Yum-Yum in Norway. He lives with Anneke and Victor and I think he will be a good breeding material for them in the future.


The Brown tabby point male. He's name is S*Jijumas Pongo BAL n 21. Unfortunately hi fell down from a very high place and fell so wrong that he died. Hi broke his neck :-((


One of the Brown Spotted Tabby Boy. He has some

wounderful spotts. This is S*Jijumas Pumbaa OLH n 24 and he will move to Peggy Sjödin and her ragdoll. I think that she will have many fun moments with him.


The other one. I don't know if he will be spotted or mackerel.

But he has the largest ear I have ever seen on a Longhair.

Better pics will come. He's name is S*Jijumas Panchito OLH n 23 and he lives with my dear friend Linus Gisslén and will be very spoiled.


Today 2009-02-26 has Magica de Hex got 5 babies. It is 3 Oriental Longhair and 2 Balinese. We are not sure about the sex yet but it will come. They live at a foodhoast in Örnsköldsvik. If you want to be there from the beginning please contact me and I will take care of it. They will be very used to kids. Pics are at www.traceofmages.se



Valencia got a kitten 2008-11-26.

It is a blue tortie harlequin girl and she will stay in the cattery. She has a nanny at S*Kneps Cattery (www.knephs.se). If you look at there homepage there will be a lot of pic's of her there.

Her name is S*Jijumas Oracle Camilla OLH g 03 (probebly the first in sweden?)

Here she is at 1 week


This is at 2 weeks of age.


Here she is 2½ week. It look's like she is going to be a longhair.


Here she is 4 weeks


Now she become a big lady and now 5 weeks old


Here she has become a realy big lady at 8 ½ weeks

And another one at the same time.


Now she has come hom to live with us. She has a wounderful temperament and some really vivid green eyes.


We have kittens born 2008-09-28.

It is 1 male and 1 female. The female will stay in the Cattery. The male is in the strange color (for Sweden) Fawnbased Caramel Oriental Longhair.


S*Jijumas Noisette OLH pm am I still looking for a foodhoast to. Please contact me if you are intressted.



S*Jijumas Nutella OLH q Has moved to Marcus and Jenny in Norsjö.



When you bye a kitten from us:

They are registrated in SVERAK FIFe with a certified pedidgree

Dewormed 2 times

Vaccinated 2 times

Delivered when they are about 13-14 weeks

Checked by a veterinary with a health certificat

Insured for hidden faults

You get a kitten pack with food

We can also get rabiesvaccin


Lifelong support


Don't heasitate to get in touch if you have any questions.




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