Monica Molinder

Vallen 61

931 93 Skellefteå


skype: mollan66




Here are a small presentation of our cats.


If you want to see the pedigrees go to www.pawpeds.com and search at the name of the cats. Take away the S in front.


Our females:


IC Olympia af Yum-Yum OSH ns 24 Var

This is our biggest girl. She is really large in size. She has a lovely temper and a good look. In 6 shows she have been BIS 3 times and BIS breeding female. All her babies used to be very good in type. She has now moved to my son Marcus and Jenny in Norsjö. She will still be used in our breeding program.



S*Lucky Factor's Romance OLH n 22


This is a real beauty girl. She has a fantastic temper and a long silky coat with good pattern. She is fantastic good in type and i hope she will have kittens in the same style she is. The best she know is to sit in the knee and just purr.

Photo: Annika Bäckman, S*PepTalk's



S*Jijumas Oracle Camilla OLH g 03


This girl is the first Oriental Longhair Bicolor in sweden. She has the most wounderful temperament you can ask for.


Barbie Girl af Yum-Yum OSH a 03 Var


This is a little lady and she know it. She has a lovely personality when she has learn to know you. She has the most vivid green eye I have seen.


Babette af Yum-Yum OSH b 03 24 Var


This is a little clown. She loves everyone. She loves to sleep in your lap and just purring all the time. If there are no room for her she will make sure to make some. Pics will come.

Thanks Anneke for these lovely cats that will be very good in my breeding program.




GIC S*Jijumas Haparanda Freddie OLH d 24

This is a really big boy. He has a nice triangle and a very good coat. He has given very typed kittens with good coat. He has 4 BIS and 3 NOM. He is neutered. This is Jimmie's cat.



Kuzco af Yum-Yum OLH o


This is our little clown. This is Tintin's cat and he carrying him all day long. He has a lot of coat and real vivid green eyecolor. If you are intressted in him give me a call.



Bellamy af Yum-Yum OSH a 03 24 Var


This is a very big boy that growing every day. He has a wounderful temperament and loves all people. He has also very green eyes.


Kavekattens Arathorn OLH a


This cat is co owend with Fairy Lake's Cattery. He lives with them. He will be used in a few litters by me. He has a really beautiful blue color.



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