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I have now have some problem with my browser so thats why it have take some time for me to update the homepage. I have now 2 female probably OLH n 03 kittens. It is Babette that have them. They are born 17 januari. It seems that they are going to be longhair. The father is Bellamy. Pics will come. If you are intressted in one send me a e-mail.




Today got I updated the kitten page and previous litter page. Take a look.




Today I have updated my homepage with new pics of my cats. Take a look.




Sorry that it has been a long time since I have update my homepage but I have been sick.

Now Rosa got her second litter. It was 3 black boys and 3 black tortie girls. All Oriental Longhair. Unfortunately 1 of the girls died when she was 3 days. I think that two of the kittens is some kind of tabby. Mother is S*Lucky Facktors Romans OLH n 22 and the father is GIC S*Jijumas Haparanda Freddie OLH d 24. This is his last litter because he is now a lucky neauter. Pics will come. If you are intressted in a kitten just let us know. There are no problem if you want a rabies vaccin or anything else. Just let us know. They are all cinnamon carrier.




Today I have update the kitten page with some new pictures of them. It is not the best pics because I used my cellphone.




Today I have made a new page with Privious Litters and there owner.




Today I have put some pics of Rosa's babies at the kitten site. Unfortunately 2 of the kittens died just a few days old. They was small just 65 and 69 gr. The other was between 90 and 120 gr at birth.




Today Rosa got 6 kittens. It is 1 Balinese and 5 Oriental Longhair. It looks like 3 solid and 2 spotted tabby. Pics will come.




Today have Magica get her litter. It was 3 Oriental Longhair and 2 Balinese. They are living with a foodhoast in Örnsköldsvik. Take a look at there own page at www.traceofmages.se




Today our little Milla come home. She has now become 12 weeks but it seems like yesterday she was born. The worst here at home she thinkes is the dog ( a rottwheiler) so she really shows how big she can be. She is just adorable.

I cant thank you enouh Monica and Jim for heliping me with her. If you ever ever need some help so just give me a call. New pics on little Milla at kittenpage.




In februari our club will have a genetic course and we are not a full group. If you are intressted send me an e-mail. It will be februari the 28 and our teacher will be Dagny Dickens, I think that she is the best cat genetics in Sweden right now.




Today I have put some new pics of S*Jijumas Oracle Camilla. You can see them in the kitten site.




Today I got home a new cat. It is a Siames female. Her name is S*Yzing's Yazomi SIA c. She is a pure breed siamese. Pictures of her will come. She has a wounderful personality.




When my son and he's girlfriend was home this time they have decided to get a cat. As you can understand so will get it from me. When they was about to leave it shown that they have 3 cats in the cage :-). They have decided to take Nutella OLH q. I asked them if they could take Valencia to when she is going to be spayed. Ok they say. When they was about to leave they have also Olympia in the cage. She doesn't want to go out of it so they took her too :-).

So they live now all up in the north of Sweden in a small village named Norsjö. They have it great there. Nutella and Olympia will still be used in my breeding program.




A new pic of Valencia's baby is in the kitten site. She will be registrered as a

OLH g 03 when I think it is a little bit of white missing to be a 02.




Today there is a new pic on S*Jijumas Oracle Camilla. Look at the kitten site.




Today I have make a Guestbook that I hope that you will make a footprint before you leave.




There are now new pics on S*Jijumas Oracle Camilla (probably OLH g 02)




Today I have made my own blog but it is only in Swedish so far. Check it out at http://blogg.jijumas.se




Today I have update with new pics on Valencias baby.




Today have Valencia got a baby. She is not intressted in the babie and she is sick so I have to get a nanny for her. She is now at S*Kneps Breeder of Sibirian Cat's. She is blue tortie harlequin and she will stay in the cattery.

Thank you so much Monica and Jim at S*Kneps http://www.knephs.se/ for your help. You are an angel with a very shiny gloria.

Kisses and hugs to you bouth for your help.

Valencia will now be spayd.




Now I have pics of the kittens. Look at the kittensite.




Today I got some new pics of the cats. Take a look at Our Cats.



I have study the G1 in Paw Academy and get the exam.




Today I have made the new homepage and it will be under construction for a while.




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